Let’s face it; hamburgers are an American original. I’ve been on a diet for 50 years; I still must have a burger 3 or 4 times a year. My favorite chains?

  • #1 – Whataburger.
  • #2 – Five Guys Burger.
  • #3 – Backyard Burger.

But, this Forbes piece may move SMASHBURGER up.

1 thought on “Smashburger”

  1. We discovered Smashburger here in Fort Worth sometime earlier this year. Since our first taste, another store opened nearer where we live. That was a GOOD thing. Now days, if we find ourselves in a beefy burger mood, we either drive to our nearest Smashburger, or we wait until we can get to one. Other burgers eaten since we had our first Smash, just don’t cut the mustard, no matter what we put on it.

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