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You have an idea, a story, a pain, or a passion. But, you’re having trouble transferring it from your head to bookshelves, tablets, or earbuds. Call me.

Editing & Ghostwriting

You’re pregnant with a book. Now, you need help delivering your baby. I can help.


You’ve written an excellent, singular, and so O-my-God compelling book. But you have no platform. Let’s talk.

Stout Wisdom

Welcome to one of the best sources of wisdom in the world! We invite you to browse through our library of Stout Wisdom. Some are salty. Some sweet. Elegant or earthy. Poetic. Majestic. We don’t do crude or cruel. But, all are stout.

Harry Truman

I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in their time.

Rob Bell

The gospel is an embodied announcement about this world: it is good, and we’re home, and the word took on flesh and moved into the neighborhood. Heaven and earth are, in fact, coming together. We’re home. Soil is good, and so is wine, and sex, and music, and muscle, and arranging things, and building things, and getting hungry people the food they need, and jobs that empower people to make better lives for themselves.


Cool River Pub is a safe place, a community. Those who gather here are invited to share the honest expression of ideas, impulses, and inspirations. And, the house rules invite (and enforce) good humor, respect, and generosity of spirit. 

Sing Your Song

Wilbur and Orville knew their song. And because they were faithful to sing it, humans can mount the air and soar to the edge of the universe. Think about that. 

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What people are saying…

Ed has edited my last four books. But, he is more than an editor. At times, I have felt like Rocky Balboa, gasping for air in the corner, and my eye swollen shut. Ed stepped in, like Mickey, and kept saying, ‘Dig deeper, you can do it, kid.
Rex Miller
Author, The Healthy Workplace Nudge and other books
I have found Ed Chinn to be an amazing, gracious, and insightful navigator through the tempestuous travails of writing. Ed masterfully unlocked my thoughts and skillfully carried me. I am forever grateful that I worked with the very best.
Howard Rachinski
Chairman/Founder of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc.
In Ed I have found an excellent editor who retains my voice while making it more easily heard by the reader. And I’ve found a true friend who comes alongside and walks with me through the valley of doubt and darkness, fortifying me to press on and “tunnel through the mountain.” He’s also a coach who knows what I’m trying to achieve because he’s been there before. And though he’s worked with many prior to me, like all great coaches he makes me feel distinct and special as I try to push beyond my borders."​
Steve Carter
Founder and President, Carter Inc.
I dreamed that Ed Chinn and his Cool River Pub team came to my rescue! Ed answered all of my questions, developed a publishing plan, and exceeded my expectations. They put my content into an attractive paperback and digital book. And, no surprises! Ed demystified the whole process and turned my dream into a reality.
Rick Muchow
Author, Trusting 123
In helping me sort through a life time of experiences, Ed has been totally and completely 'for me' in our work together. His guidance, editing, and coaching has been invaluable. I trust him explicitly to honor my intentions. His great gift is that he quickly hones in on my truth, and helps me stay the course to deliver the work God intended for me to share.
Barbara Jackson
Director, Univ. of Denver, Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management


“I love to see (and help bring) clarity, beauty, and grace to landscapes that are ready and reaching for them. I do that through connecting, coaching, editing, writing, and publishing.”Ed Chinn

Although he is the author of many newspaper columns and has written two books—”Footprints in the Sea” & “New Eyes for a New World”—his real passion is helping others deliver their life story or message.

That purpose has carried him into editing, ghostwriting, and/or publishing more than one hundred books. And, he has also attained more than 30 years’ experience in serving leaders and organizations across a wide panorama of American culture.

Ed and his wife, Joanne, live near Spring Hill, Tennessee.

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