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This story from Kansas City is such a good view of innovation.  The US Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas has a farm. Quote: “Carefully screened volunteer inmates from Leavenworth’s minimum-security prison camp are allowed outside the secure perimeter to grow tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, watermelon, onions, radishes and other crops. Prisoners who work on the farm are serving time for a variety of non-violent crimes, including wire fraud, mail fraud and embezzlement.  “Last year more than 80,000 pounds of produce grown by prisoners went to help feed the needy throughout the greater Kansas City area. This year, estimates put donated produce at up to 200,000 pounds.”

Here is the great “Herding Cats” commercial.  No particular reason for posting it; just came across it at Michael Hyatt’s blog and decided to make it available here.  It is one of the best TV commercials ever made.

And, hey, as long as we’re looking at commercials, this one by Airbus will blow your socks off.  The future of air travel…I hope. So gorgeously innovative.

OK, one more; you really need to see this artist — Liu Bolin — who camouflages himself into his art.  He does it as a protest against the Chinese government.  They tried to shut him down.  Brilliant.  I guess his message to them is “You can try to destroy me, but I’m in the trees, the trash, and the telephone booths.”  Great artistic statement.


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