Seen & Heard Today

George Will has turned 70.  His column on the wonders of reaching three score and ten is a delight.

Nice piece on martinis.  Carries another version of Churchill’s recipe for martinis…glance at the vermouth while pouring the gin.

Good news: analysts expect gasoline to drop 75 cents per gallon by summer.  I paid $4.17 in Gatlinburg a few days ago.  Highest of my life.  The lowest, you ask?  14 cents per gallon.  1968.  Shawnee, Oklahoma.

This post from John Goodman’s blog on health care is one brilliant analysis.  Short version: we could easily spend ALL our national budget on health care.  So, what is the point where we have to cut back?

I spent some time in Boise, Idaho this week.  One thing I learned.  It is pronounced BoiSe, not BoiZe.


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