Seen & Heard Today

Every Saturday, the online Wall Street Journal carries a “Five Best Books” column. Written by an expert on certain themes, each one features his or her opinion of the five best books on that topic. I read it every Saturday. This past Saturday’s edition is on the essential reading of World War 2.

This Fred Astaire dance will blow your socks off.  5:38 long and obviously done in one long shot.  And, how on earth did he dance on the ceiling?  This was before sophisticated graphics and special effects.  Thanks to the Internet Monk for posting this.

Netspeak is a new (at least to me) website which helps you to find a phrase or quote when you can only remember part of it.  I thank Seth Godin’s blog for passing this along.

Elizabeth Scalia posted a very interesting essay on placing periods outside of quotation marks.  I too have noticed that periods are creeping outside the closing quotation mark.  The piece also diverts into semicolons.  Very entertaining.

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