Seen & Heard Today

Very interesting piece on the best words in book titles. Actually, it’s specific to the science fiction and fantasy genre. Still, it’s helpful to stimulate thinking when it comes to titles.

Sally Jenkins is one of the best sportswriters in the US.  Her piece on Pat Summitt’s newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s should win an award.  This will make you cry and laugh.  I’m so glad to see that Alzheimer’s is not what it used to be.  Glen Campbell is continuing to tour.  And Summitt will continue to coach at the University of Tennessee.  Her sense of humor is so good: “I keep forgetting I have it.”

Apparently, this essay has been around for a while.  But I’ve not read it before.  I make my living as a writer, but I now realize that I’m not a real writer.  Extremely well-written and funny essay.  No, it’s not by John Belushi.

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