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Very good article from AP on airfares.  Most helpful information in the article:

“There’s no way to guarantee the best fare. But before booking, travelers should heed this additional advice:

• Book on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That’s when airlines most often offer sales.

• Buy in advance, but not too early. The best time is four to six weeks before traveling. In general, prices for any given flight are highest eight to 10 weeks and two to three weeks in advance.

• Embrace social media. Airlines are giving more benefits, like exclusive sales, to travelers who interact with them on Twitter and Facebook. Those specials are often gone within hours.”

Now, THIS — spy camera in sunglasses — would be a great thing!

Susanna Breslin wrote a beautiful essay for Forbes about her father, Jimmy Breslin.  She included this astonishing paragraph which Jimmy wrote about his father:

“Yet, even now, 40 years after my father’s death, I am, in my dreams (as in my biography of Mark Rothko), still trying to breath the life back into him (or his substitute) — as if a biographer were a paramedic administering decade after decade of CPR to a patient he refuses to admit he has lost.”


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