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June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month.

Michael Hyatt has one of the best blogs on the Internet.  Helpful, wise, and succinct.  He often uses guest bloggers.  Today’s is a fine essay on building trust.

Ever wonder why “Christian” movies and novels are so bad?  This essay from my friend, Tony Woodlief, on Bad Christian Art, is a very probing look at that.

Speaking of movies and novels, I highly recommend two movies.  The King’s Speech and The Rabbit Hole.  Of course, you don’t need me to tell you about the first one…Best Picture winner, etc.  But, please consider The Rabbit Hole too.  It is a very entertaining and engrossing meditation on grief.

And, I also recommend the novel, Innocent, by Scott Turow.  It is the sequel to his Presumed Innocent.  I could not put the thing down.  Pulls you in and does not let you go.

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