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This past weekend, I heard my friend Steve Fry preach at a conference.  Among other things, his message examined our therapeutic approach to God.  Great line: “Israel wasn’t healed from Egypt; they were freed from Egypt.”

I like gadgets. My iPhone 4 is one of my favorites. I plan to buy more; I really do want/need an iPad2. But, I also deeply resonate to this Washington Post article.

The relationship between humans and pets is such a profound mystery.  This story really throws a yard light on that mystery.  Touching.

These Moment of Impact photos will just blow your socks off.  In fact, I’m sure this guy could do EXACTLY that.

So an academic strikes up a conversation with a seat mate — a guy who has earthbound experience in this economy.  Really Good article by Stephen Carter in Bloomberg.  “Economic Stagnation Explained at 30,000 Feet.”

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  1. Really enjoyed the article on Economic Stagnation…

    Part of the current issue is government elites can’t
    resist the impulse to make changes they believe will
    “be an improvement” over the status quo.

    Richard Fisher, President of the Dallas Fed was on
    CNBC this morning. He spoke of the Texas economy:
    over 60% of new jobs since the recession has ended
    have been created in Texas. He credits this phenomenon to: 1. No state income tax & 2.
    regulatory certainty.

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